Census and registry survey
municipal real estate (ACI)

Being able to detect and catalog the buildings in the municipal area is essential for correct building and architectural management.

Analyzing the true values of the parcels and buildings is very important in order to have everything just a click away. In fact, thanks to the GIS methodology we can georeference all the properties and return them

One of our goals is to create a digital web map that geolocates all the buildings present, cataloging them by date, by type and also by conformity.

We can interact with the cadastre, in such a way as to be able to understand if a building has not been registered and to be able to interrogate the territory through parcels and cadastral sheets.

The web map or digital archive that we are going to create will represent all the buildings in the area, based on regional technical maps.

The aim is to collect information on the municipal area related to building interventions, identifying the buildings and land involved both using the alphanumeric cadastral keys and on the basis of toponymy, in association with street numbering, obviously without disregarding the geographical location.

Having an overview of all the volumetric units present in the area entails a much faster and expeditious analysis for the municipal offices. In fact, within our portal there will be all the information regarding the units built.
Furthermore, the portal greatly facilitates residence assignments, clearly providing all the elements and indications relating to the property.

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