The Italian legislation refers to article 1 – Legislative Decree 300/1999 which recalls the law 1188/1927. When we talk about toponymy, we are talking about an archive that takes into account various information that identifies places, streets, towns, localities. No public street or square may be named after a person who has not been deceased for at least ten years. In addition to what we have mentioned, we must take into account all the aspects that Istat identifies as territorial bases, because they are the pillars that determine our territory. Istat publishes the geographical data of the system of territorial bases for the years 1991, 2001, 2011 and 2021 of all the partitions and zoning of the Italian territory:
  • Census Sections
  • Census areas (only in the 2011 version and for municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants or provincial capital as of 1 January 2008)
  • Sub-municipal areas (municipalities, districts, etc. of the 34 municipalities with the largest population size and population of no less than 100,000 inhabitants)
  • Location
All these data give a very important picture of the territory.Building an inventory of toponymy and street numbering means allowing access to information in an easy, fast and accurate way and making possible the automatic conversion procedure from geographical point to access key to the bases of municipal data, known as reverse geocoding. From this innovation it is possible to access the registry, cadastre, construction, taxes, technological networks and other services made available by the organization.


Census codes

License plates away


Road plate not present not existing

Example on Map - Plate Via present

Street numbers and driveways

Type of access on traffic area

Type of Buildings

Type of accesses

House number and driveways

House number present
House number not present
Street number not present - driveway plate present

Street numbers and driveways

Example on Map

Secondary access Street number not present Driveway without pass plate Residential building

Main access Pedestrian walkway Residential building House number present Personalized plate

Main access Driveway Residential building House number present Customized plate No wheelbase plate

Enter no. number first in the layer title- Always enter Type of access on area of
circulation - Description insert the right codes – Civic insert the n. civico- Targa via the typology of
license plate (Typical/personalised)

street guide

Road to check
Full road

Map example

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