Water mains and sewers
smart toilet

Smart-water integrates the databases of the water network and sewage with those of the management of works, customers and cartography. The main results of such an integration are:

  • Improved leak detection and assessment capability;
  • Optimization of ordinary and emergency field activities;
  • Increased effectiveness of investments;
  • Improvement of purification processes, management of water resources and the relationship with users, authorities and policy makers;
  • Reduction of energy consumption.

In particular, the solution consists mainly of:

  • A GIS-centric data model based on the Qgis platform
  • A SOA architecture, with server-side application services for data processing, application integration and end-to-end functionality.
  •  Desktop application modules (mainly Qgis Desktop extensions)
  • Multi-platform web application modules (mainly based on My maps and then google cloud)

Census of purification plants, sewage systems, purification plants, water fountains, water distribution from the aqueduct network, wells, rivers, streams, springs.

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